The Planet Stylista 2021-2022

Are you ready to shine? The ramp awaits your arrival, and the world awaits your beauty as you rule the ramp. Not everyone can do it like you do. So what are you waiting for? Prove yourself worthy of ruling the ramp as you compete against the glamourous models from all parts of the world!

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Image by Tessa Wilson
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Welcome to “The Planet Stylista 2021-2022”.

India’s Biggest Beauty Pageant conceptualized and organized by “AD Production House”. The duration of the event will be 4 days. The schedule for the days and venue will be emailed to the specific registered email address of the candidate. 


In the Planet Stylista 2021-2022 event, there will be 50 contestants who will compete to win the title “The Planet Stylista''. There will be 4 more winner titles for runner ups in ascending order such as 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, etc. The winners will be rewarded with their respective Titles, Sashes, Crown & Trophy. Participation certificates will be given to all the candidates.

To participate in the contest, you are required to pay the registration fee which will cover the expenses of your stay, grooming and other activities held over the course the competition. The candidate will have to bear the travel expenses and are required to arrive at the venue through their own mode of transportation.


Winners will be decided by “Judges & Jury Members”. A confident participant will be the winner of the competition for sure. The winner should be considering our brand's importance and also consider that the title gives them a huge responsibility. The winner has to clearly explain their aspirations and has to give their best even in the toughest of situations. One has to compete against the global candidates who will fight for glory just the same as them.


Every contest starts with an interview round which consists of 2 phases. First is presenting themselves in western or athletic wear and second in the evening dressed in a gown. This interview is as important as the finale because this will be the candidate's first impression in front of the judges and the audience.


The Judges & Jury members will declare the finalist based on how confident the candidate is while performing not by their clothes but the dress must be according to the said theme so as to follow the criteria. inner beauty along with unique charisma is the key factor required for winning.


The contestants chosen by the judges and jury will be promoted to the Grand Finale. Ramp walk with their best performance must be the aim of the aspirants. Various questions related to the social, political and cultural aspects asked by the judges, will have to be answered by the finalists . Scores will be the deciding factor for the winning beauty. Scores get counted for both performances.


The winner announcement ceremony will be full of suspense where the top 5 winners will be announced and honored by the host. The winners have to perform their winning duties as required or the following runner up will take the title.

Participant's Benefits

Portfolio PhotoShoot

Creative Poster (Social Media)

SEO & SMO for Digital Profile

Media Coverage

Unique Designed Sashes

Well-known Industrial Experts

Unlimited Cash Prizes

Gift Hampers By Sponsors

Hardcopy Certificate Provided

Gift Voucher Upto ₹25,ooo*


Customer Support (9am - 9pm)

E - Certificate

Google Ranking

Social Media Promotion

Crowns For All Participants