5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Trying to Win a Pageant

It’s important to remember that while pageants can be an incredibly rewarding experience, they should never be taken lightly. If you treat the event too casually, you’ll likely regret it later when you don’t place in the top three—or even worse, when you don’t even qualify to compete! To ensure that you put your best face forward when attending pageant events, keep these five tips in mind.

1) Be Confident

Being confident can be difficult when you’re competing against dozens of other beautiful, well-groomed women. Feeling secure in your own skin is key for any pageant participant, so don’t underestimate how important it is to feel good about yourself before you walk on stage. To ensure you look and feel confident when entering your next pageant, keep these 5 tips in mind

2) Cover Up Blemishes

Beauty pageants are all about looking your best, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If you have blemishes on your face, it’s wise to wear makeup or use concealer to hide them. Do whatever you can do to look as great as possible without turning away from yourself.

3) Dress Right

If you want to secure that pageant crown, you’ll need to know how to dress for success. A quick Google search will turn up lots of advice—but it's not all good advice. If you're looking for sound tips on how best to look like a winner, avoid these five missteps at all costs. Your dream of winning could hang in the balance!

4) Pick Out Jewellery Wisely

The last thing you want is for your photo to look like you just walked out of an ugly contest. To help prevent any unflattering photos, make sure your smile is present in every shot. It's easy for many people to forget about their teeth when they're in front of the camera, but there are plenty of opportunities for bad teeth moments in photoshoots—even if your face isn't in it. Keep your head tilted down at all times and avoid direct sunlight by using blinds or curtains when shooting outside.

5) Smile! (It's the Most Beautiful Thing you Own!)

Chances are, your face is one of your most marketable assets. While you might be tempted to go under the knife for a dramatic makeover—which is not necessarily discouraged, depending on how serious you are about winning—you’ll also want to consider less invasive (but equally important) ways of optimizing your features.

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