6 Ways to Be Sure You Make the Best First Impression at Your Next Pageant

A first impression can make or break your future success in pageants, which means you should always make sure you look your absolute best before showing up at your next pageant event. After all, if you want to win that tiara, then you’re going to have to look at the part from the moment you walk into the venue until you walk off the stage as the winner. Here are six ways to be sure you make the best first impression at your next pageant.

1) Have Comfortable Shoes

To make sure you stand out on stage, practice good posture. This is important since most pageants feature opening ceremonies where contestants are judged on how well they stand and walk in their dress and heels. To get a feel for what it's like to walk long distances in high heels, start wearing them around your house and while running errands. Practice good posture while doing so—you should look like a lady no matter what! Do not slouch, but walk with your head held high and chest forward. When you're done practising, take off your shoes and give your feet a rest! High-heeled shoes can be murder on your feet if you're not used to wearing them—you could end up with blisters or even foot calluses.

2) Dress to Impress

It’s common advice that you should dress for success, but it’s actually more appropriate than ever for pageant girls. Remember that pageants are about much more than looking pretty; they’re also about expressing your personality and (yes) intelligence. Good choices in clothing can help you project an image of confidence, which is exactly what you want to put across. When it comes time for your pageant, don’t fret over finding the perfect dress; instead, pick something that showcases your tastes and says something about you (so long as it meets pageant standards). To make sure you make a great first impression, follow these six guidelines

3) Show Up Early

Always show up a few minutes early for everything. This ensures that you have time to breathe, calm your nerves, and put on your best face before going onstage. Being punctual reflects positively on you as a contestant and shows that you’re reliable. The last thing any pageant contestant wants is a bad reputation!

4) Arrive with Confidence

If you’re not sure what you should wear to a pageant, pay attention. Pageants offer a lot of opportunities for self-expression but you want to be careful that your outfit isn’t going to distract from your natural beauty and confidence. Show up in a dress that flatters your body type and draws attention where it belongs—on your face. In other words, if you don’t feel comfortable or confident in an outfit, you won’t win—so wear something that makes you feel beautiful! For more tips on what not to wear during pageants, check out 5 Things Not To Wear At A Pageant.


5) Maintain Excellent Posture

As any cat-walk model will tell you, good posture makes all of your movements appear smooth and effortless. And if you’re on stage in a pageant, there are no secret tricks or hidden strings holding up your gown—every move you make is under scrutiny by judges. Maintaining an upright stance also makes it easier for you to scan your surroundings, taking note of new faces that may be useful later on. If you’re not sure how good your posture is, try standing against a wall with arms outstretched (like a crucifix). Now see if there’s any visible gap between your body and wall; having minimal space indicates excellent posture! Start with standing tall while keeping shoulders back and down; focus on relaxing muscles as much as possible.

6) Smile and Look People in the Eye

Eye contact is a powerful way to make a good first impression. Research shows that people who look their conversation partner in the eye while speaking are deemed more trustworthy, interesting, and warm—all qualities that could help you win a pageant. To make sure you catch every judge’s attention, scan your eyes around a room while meeting people for a few seconds before focusing on one person in particular. Then, slowly go from one person to another while taking in their appearance and personality. Try not to let too much time pass between looks—if there are more than three seconds of silence without looking at someone directly, they’ll start to feel uncomfortable.

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