Laziness + Drive = Productivity

Lazy people are n’t lazy all the time. Unless the person has extremely low energy, indeed the laziest people still find time to suds the web, play games or fraternize with musketeers. A lot of lazy people are n’t really lacking restraint, just some provocation.

Without a compelling drive being chastened just makes you look busy to outside spectators when you really are n’t getting anything done. Shiftlessness only becomes apparent because without a strong drive, lazy people stop doing just about anything not necessary for survival or enjoyment.

I ’m a lazy person at heart. Indeed though I woke up a little after five am to write this post and finish another chapter in my book, deep down I ’m a veritably lazy person. I need a compelling drive to keep me busy. Without a strong drive, I ’d lay in bed until after noon and watch TV all day.

But once you produce that drive, either through explicitly setting pretensions or opening your imagination to new possibilities, shiftlessness becomes a tool not a curse. Rather of using your shiftlessness to avoid work, you use it to maximize your coffers.

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