Most Common Mistakes People Make When Entering a Pageant

If you’re entering your first pageant, you’ll no doubt be nervous and excited at the same time. But if you want to avoid losing points unnecessarily, you need to make sure you don’t make some common mistakes that many contestants make at their first pageant. Here are the 10 most common mistakes to avoid when entering a pageant, as well as tips on how to overcome them and still come out victorious at the end of the competition!

1) Having Poor Presentation Skills

Many people entering pageants don’t put much effort into their physical appearance. After all, most people think they’re only judged on their looks. To avoid making that mistake, focus on developing your presentation skills by practising with friends or family in front of a mirror. The more time you spend perfecting how you present yourself, the better you’ll do when it counts.

2) Not Being Physically Fit

While some pageants promote size diversity, many do not. If you’re looking to win Miss Universe or any other pageant that promotes physical fitness, you’ll want to get in shape. It won’t be easy, but it will pay off in spades if you want to compete with the best of them.

3) Choosing an Outfit That Isn't Suitable For Your Body Type

Choosing an outfit that doesn't compliment your body type is one of those mistakes you don't even realize you're making. You go out and purchase some new clothes and assume that they will look good on you because, well, they're clothes and it's supposed to look good... But if you don't know how to dress yourself according to your body type (which includes height) then you'll be putting yourself at a disadvantage from day one.

4) Not Making Eye Contact

Many people think you need to look like a supermodel when entering into pageants, but that’s not true. Instead, you need to exude confidence. One way of doing so is by making eye contact with each judge when answering questions. This shows them that you’re aware of what they want in an interviewee and will help boost your chances of winning!

5) Over Exaggerating Online Personality Traits

While social media is a great way to get yourself out there, embellishing your online personality is not always best. If you’re interested in entering a pageant, don’t portray yourself as an outgoing, flirty party girl; save that for your private life. If you do show off your true self and win Miss Congeniality (yes, it does happen), chances are it won’t look good on paper or otherwise once you start trying to work professionally.

6) Letting Negativity Get to You

While it’s human nature to get down on yourself when things aren’t going your way, you can’t let negativity control your actions. If someone criticizes you, ignore them and move on; don’t let negative words ruin what could be an amazing experience.

7) Not Managing Pressures Effectively

With so much attention on you during a pageant, it’s important to stay level-headed and manage any outside pressures appropriately. Don’t let positive praise go to your head or negative comments get you down—as hard as it may be, keep an even keel and maintain control of your emotions.

8) Thinking It Is Just About Beauty

The hairstyle you choose can make or break your pageant look. Use professional products and tools for styling hair like hair spray, hair gel, and hairspray to achieve volume and shine. If you’re running low on time before an event, avoid using those cheap drugstore products; they won’t give you the same effect as high-quality salon brands that will keep you do look good all night long.

9) Not Having Professional Hair Care Products And Tools On Hand

Professional hair products and tools can make all of the difference in your appearance. If you’re trying to keep things natural, consider visiting your local beauty supply store—like CVS or Sally Beauty Supply—to purchase some professional hair products and tools; they carry brands like Redken, Davines, Chi and Bumble & Bumble. When it comes to hair tools (such as straighteners), look for items labelled ceramic or tourmaline. These hair tools will help fight frizz and damage while keeping your strands silky smooth. And don’t forget about makeup: Lipstick helps conceal any flaws around your mouth, and a highlighter will help accentuate all of your best features.

10) Not Hiring An Expert Pageant Coach/Manager

When you’re planning on entering a pageant, it can be tempting to just read online articles, try different things and do whatever you think needs to be done. That’s not always going to work out in your favour—or even be good advice! Asking someone else who has been through it what they did is going to help eliminate guesswork and save time in preparation. If you’re serious about winning a pageant, make sure you invest in yourself by hiring a professional or go-to expert. There are plenty of affordable experts out there who want nothing more than for you to succeed. By adding one extra voice of experience into your planning process, things will go much smoother when the big day arrives!

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