Women Empowerment in India: A Critical Analysis

Being a traditional patriarchal society, women have been given a secondary status which is reflected in the economic, social and political spheres. However, women equality and empowerment has always remained a priority area and has been taken utmost care by stake holders. The paper critically investigates the Indian status among other countries and tries to find out preparedness to achieve Sustainable development Goal -5 of the United Nations. The paper develops argument on the basis of secondary sources as review of existing literature published in journal, books, reports of various, NGOs, Government and international organisations and websites. The paper critically examines women empowerment in India, various models and dimensions. The paper discusses constitutional safe guards as well as plans and programmes by the government and their implementation, indicators of women empowerment. However, the country ranks low while comparing with other countries. There is need of reassessing and modifying programmes to achieve SDG-5 by 2030.

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