Seize The Day!

Do you have it in you? The power to seize the day? If you think the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? The stage us yours so go on and seize the day as the audience gets enchanted by your majestic voice and gets intrigued by your skillful movements. Claim the day! It's your time to shine!

Image by Marina Reich
Image by Saksham Gangwar
Image by Miguel Ángel Hernández
Music Room

Everyone on this Earth is blessed with some special talent. You just need to find out that talent. AD Production House is there to help you to showcase your hidden talent. “Seize The Day” is basically based upon singing skills and Dancing forms. Participants do not need to have any special certificates and qualifications to participate in this show. If you have the talent of singing then don’t waste it and let people know about you and your passion. 

In “Seize The Day” AD Production House will take 100 contestants from all over the world.  Candidates have to send their 2 minutes video accordingly. Top 50 candidates will be declared as the finalists. All the 50 candidates will perform at Grand Finale in India's biggest Fashion Show, "The Planet Stylista 2021 - 22"

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